Collisions in Suez Canal

Collisions in Suez Canal

Taken from Lloyds List 18 July 2018

It is not yet clear in full detail what happened, and how, in Suez Canal, probably later more details will come up. It was a major accident, which involved 5 ships and blocked the Canal. It seems like not only vessels are to blame for mayhem, but Canal management also. One disabled ship in Canal shouldn’t lead to multiply collisions and general chaos.

The mess in southern section of Suez Canal near Suez was unleashed by container ship AENEAS, which while proceeding in southbound convoy on Jul 15, suffered engine failure and stopped, causing collision of three bulk carriers PANAMAX ALEXANDER, SAKIZAYA KALON and OSIOS DAVID, as they weren’t able to stop or maneuver. All ships reportedly sustained damages and were taken apart alongside Canal with the help of tugs. It wasn’t yet the the end of the story – later NYK Post-Panamax container ship NYK ORPHEUS struck PANAMAX ALEXANDER, collision inflicted damages on both ships.

As of 0300 UTC Jul 17, NYK ORPHEUS, PANAMAX ALEXANDER, OSIOS DAVID and SAKIZAYA KALON were still in Canal. AENEAS was under way in Red sea, continuing her voyage.
PANAMAX ALEXANDER, OSIOS DAVID and SAKIZAYA KALON were taken back north and anchored in Great Bitter Lakes, their transit interrupted NYK ORPHEUS seems to be able to continue her voyage to Rotterdam.
Traffic in Canal is resumed.

Container ship AENEAS, IMO 9426790, dwt 63059, capacity 5090 TEU, built 2010, flag HK, manager Anglo-Eastern Ship Management Ltd.

Bulk carrier PANAMAX ALEXANDER, IMO 9233492, dwt 74247, built 2001, flag Cyprus, manager Cyprus Sea Lines.

Bulk carrier SAKIZAYA KALON, IMO 9749908, dwt 81691, built 2017, flag WISDOM MARINE LINES SA, Taiwan.

Bulk carrier OSIOS DAVID, IMO 9593361, dwt 55831, built 2012, flag Marshall Islands, manager AM NOMIKOS TRANSWORLD MARITIME, Greece.

Container ship NYK ORPHEUS, IMO 9313008, dwt 14525, capacity 9120 TEU, built 2008, flag Panama, manager NYK Line.’

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