Honourable Company of Master Mariners

Company of Master Mariners of Australia

Company of Master Mariners of Canada

Company of Master Mariners of India

Company of Master Mariners of Sri Lanka

Society of Master Mariners of South Africa  

Irish Institute of Master Mariners

International Federation of Ship Masters Association

Southampton Master Mariners Club

Council of American Master Mariners

Boat Books  (A specialist Nautical Book and Service Provider, Auckland)

Warsash Association 

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  1. Nola Atkinson says:

    Is there any information on Frank Lawton master mariner in 1870 onwards.He was an American,but was naturalised in NZ in1905c.He was my ggfather.His son Frank jnr perished on the Progress which capsized in Wellington.There was a large funeral for the 4 men.4.000 people attended.My gmother was May Lawton,Frank,s sister.regards,Nola May Atkinson.

  2. admin says:


    I can find no mention of Frank Lawton in any records that we have access to.

    John Rrown

  3. Bruce Urquhart says:

    Captain Donald Urquhart sailed ship in NZ waters during the 1870’s. His Certificate No was 5022. Is there a register of certificates that could provide additional information about Captain Urquhart?

  4. Have you tried the Information Officer at NZ Maritime Museum in Auckland?

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