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  1. Claire Falvey says:

    I am writing because a ggg uncle was a master mariner in Taranaki in the early 1900’s.
    His name was Thomas Matheson Jackson (1868-1937) and he resided in Patea, Taranaki.
    A cousin in England is writing a story about the Jackson family and is curious as to how a labourer becomes a master mariner. We presume he was a ship labourer and somehow rose the ranks to become a master mariner. There is not much information about him and the descendants we have found know nothing.
    I would love to hear what information you could give or lead me in the right direction as to where I could find information.

  2. Mark Harnden says:

    Good evening,
    I have just come across your site and would like to enquire as to how I become a member;
    I hold a Master Unlimited CoC from MCA in the UK, but live in Springfield, Canterbury.
    Keen to meet and socialize and learn from other members in my area.
    Thanks and best regards,

  3. Steve Hogley says:

    Dear Sir
    I was at Leith Nautical College as a cadet and later sat my Masters ticket with Gordon Smith from Shetland. I understand he now lives in New Zealand and I noted from an issue of ON DECK that he is a member of the Auckland branch.

    I am in Auckland until 28 February, apart from a few trips, and if he is agreeable would like to meet him again.
    My local mobile number is 0221235791

    Steve Hogley

  4. admin says:


    He was the master of a small ship in New Zealand – Hawea trading to Patea and maybe others that I haven’t checked. If you look on and search for T.M.Jackson you will find some information

    John Brown

  5. Nick Woods says:

    I am researching the Downton Family peerage in England and have a son called Myles Murray Downton 1883-1956 was working with The New Zealand Shipping Company. He appears to have been a 2nd. mate around 1903, 1st. mate around 1913 on SS Rakaia and captain, master or commander around 1920 on ss kaikoura 11. The dates and voyages are a bit muddled. I wonder if you can shed any light on the matter?

  6. Carol,
    Will forward your message to Capt. Henshaw for him to deal as he sees suitable.
    Cornelis van Kesteren
    NZCMM General Secretary

  7. Andrew Daley says:

    Dear All,
    I am trying find more information on an Edward Daley who is recorded in the Auckland Electoral Roll as being a seaman on the SS Kiwitea. Can anyone please advise on where I might pursue my investigations. Many thanks
    Andrew Daley (

  8. Edward Fitzgerald says:

    hi I have recently moved to Auckland from Ireland I hold a class 1 master mariners,
    I would be very interested in joining my local branch so that I can meet some more people who are in the industry

  9. Edward,
    Will contact the secretary of the Auckland branch for him to email some relevant information to you.

    Cornelis Van Kesteren

  10. Andrew,
    Not sure what other investigations you wish to do. As you stated your grandfather was a seaman on “Kiwitea” and there are more entries in the electoral rolls for Edward Daley, but are they your person of interest? Was your grandfather born in NZ or overseas?? When/where did he die??
    Our organization does not hold records of ship’s crews. Perhaps the site of NZ Ships & Marine Society on could help you.
    Cornelis van Kesteren

  11. cropped-poppy.jpgDespite their acknowledged sacrifice, those New Zealanders who were employed in the Mercantile Marine, on ships owned by companies such as Union Steamship Company and New Zealand Shipping Company, continue to be omitted from this nation’s memory of WWI.

    Those who paid the ultimate sacrifice rarely feature on the WWI memorials of their local towns and cities in New Zealand. Their names did not appear on the 2018 Armistice Centenary Field of Remembrance on New Zealand’s Auckland Domain, despite receiving the same British War Medal as those of the armed forces.

    The New Zealand Mercantile Marine casualties are remembered at , some of them were no more than children. All of them are heroes.

  12. Jeremy Ruane says:

    Ahoy there!

    This Friday, 30 November, marks two years since the official closure of the Port of Onehunga to freight operations.

    My tribute website,, is an attempt to preserve as much of the history of the Port as possible and to keep alive the spirit of Auckland’s other port.

    Needless to say, I’m always on the lookout for more material, so if any members of the New Zealand Company of Master Mariners have recollections / memorabilia (photos, etc.) / tall tales to regale of their visits to Onehunga or experiences negotiating the Manukau Bar and Harbour, they will be greatly welcomed – please contact me via the Contributions option on the front page.

    I look forward to hearing from as many of you as possible. 🙂


    Jeremy Ruane

  13. ELIZABETH TUNE says:

    Researching my Grandfather Captain George Patterson Hall, Superintendent Mercantile Marine Wellington 1931 and wondering if there is any relevant documentation or photographs of him at this time.

    Is there a museum relating to the Wellington Mercantile Marine?

    Thanks in advance,

    Elizabeth Tune

  14. Elizabeth,
    The former Wellington Maritime Museum is now Wellington Museum
    They have a small maritime display but I am not sure of what archives they have.
    The NZ Maritime Museum in Auckland has extensive archives but again not sure what government archives they may have.
    Best wishes

  15. John Taylor says:

    Can you give details for me to contact the Christchurch Secretary please .

    John Taylor
    Master Mariner

  16. The Christchurch Branch Secretary is Captain Geoff Swallow 03 332 6368
    Gen Secretary

  17. Anup Pillai says:

    Good Evening,
    I have recently moved to Auckland from India. I am a member of Master Mariners of India. I hold an Unlimited Master COC from MCA, U.K. I am also an Associate Fellow of the Nautical Institute.
    I am Keen to meet and learn from other industry members in the area.
    Warm Regards

  18. Anup
    The Secretary of the Auckland Branch of NZ Company of Master Mariners is Captain John Frankland. His email is
    If you would be interested in joining the Company he will be pleased to assist.
    The Secretary of the NZ Branch of the Nautical Institute is Captain Kees Buckens. His contact details are in SEAWAYS
    General Secretary NZCMM

  19. Susanna van der Meer says:

    Good afternoon
    I am researching my partner’s ancestry. His great grandfather was Andrew Kerr McGregor. Andrew arrived in 1875, we believe, in Wellington. He married Emma Sophia Walters in 1879. On his marriage certificate he is listed as Mariner. We believe that he was the owner of the Cutter Day’s Bay. We would like to find out more about him, such as cadet ship or any ships he sailed on.
    Would you be able to make any suggestions as to where we would be able to find out more about him?

    Kind regards
    Susanna van der Meer
    Graeme McGregor

  20. Dear Susanna
    Apologies for the delay in responding.
    The NZ Maritime Museum may have mariners’ records that could assist you in your quest.
    I found one reference to “Captain Andrew McGregor” in Papers Past though of course do not know if that is your partner’s ancestor.
    There are a number of references to “Captain McGregor” but in most cases he is the husband of wife Charlotte.
    A search for “Days Bay” may also be useful, for example:
    The Wellington Maritime Museum transmogrified in the current Wellington Museum several years ago. I don’t think they hold maritime archives but they may be able to point you in the right direction.
    I hope this is of some help in your quest.
    General Secretary

  21. Phil Lascelles says:


    I am keen to access (borrow or purchase) a set of the Union Company’s “Under Way” magazines to use in my historical research of post WWI careers of company employees. Please contact me at

    Regards and thanks

    Phil Lascelles MA(Hons) PGDipMuseumStudies

  22. Wendy Napier-Walker says:

    Following is link to NZ Ship & Marine Society which has information on Andrew
    Cutter “DAY’S BAY appears to be the only one.
    Andrew and Emma are buried in Karori cemetery – no headstone on grave Public2/X/66.
    1911 ER for Wellington East he is a Fruiterer at 6A Normanby Tce
    1925 ER for Wellington East he is a Watchman at 6A Earls Tce

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