Wellington July Meeting

There were fifteen attendees at today’s monthly meeting Including Captain Michael Millar, our member and speaker.

This was an acceptable number considering we are only a total of 49 including over 22 who come from both well out of town and the South Island.

With respect to our falling numbers, the committee were saddened to learn that our very long time member Peter Attwood has recently resigned for age related reasons.

After an appetizing Bolton lunch we were absorbed by Michael’s talk of the period of his naval career when he was head of the United Nations military mission formed to reveal the weapons of mass destruction allegedly held by Iraq and which triggered the second war in the Persian Gulf.

The obstacles/difficulties confronting such an assignment featured prominently in his talk, including   personal danger and discomfort, with deteriorating living conditions. These impediments however were not sufficient to exclude the purchase of  Johnnie Walker Blue Label, [at $8 (US?) a bottle] in a Muslim country !

Issues touched on by Micheal among others included reference to the Russian supply of weapons for and use by, the Iranians in cross border fire. This involved some ducking and running. As well was the discovery of the stocks, or recently moved stocks of, the components necessary for the manufacture of chemical and nuclear weapons, mustard gas, sarin etc.etc.

During the talk there was brief reference to the technology of warfare of the day bearing in mind this was now a quarter of a century ago.

After the meeting I was left with the impression that there is, without compromising his level of security, a lot left to to be learned from Michael about the RNZN, particularly today in 2018.

For instance, what actually meant when we read in the press that a unit of the RNZN had been at sea taking part in combined exercises with an Australian/US fleet and what is modern naval ship weaponry ??

I am sure Michael can be persuaded to speak again.


Next month at 1200hrs on  Wednesday 8th August is the Company’s AGM which is to be held again in Wellington.

It will be attended by the Master from the Auckland Branch and the Wardens from Tauranga and Christchurch as well as Eric representing us in Wellington.

Please put this date in your diary now. There is an unwritten onus on members to attend whenever they possibly can in order to properly support those they have selected to correctly run their organization.

Ken Watt


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