New Zealand Company of Master Mariners Incorporated

NZ Incorporated Society: 215662

Founded in 1928, and formally incorporated in 1933, the Company is a body for professional mariners in New Zealand with branches in Auckland, Christchurch, Tauranga, and Wellington. Membership is open to all mariners and there are membership categories for those with an interest in the work of the Company. The Company Rules can be found here.

The Company is headed by the Master, and each Branch is lead by a Warden.
The Master, Wardens and General Secretary form the Executive Council.
The current officers of the Company can be found here.

For many years the Company published a magazine ‘ON DECK’, though with changing times, this was discontinued in 2017; since 2019 the Company has published a bi-monthly Bulletin.

The Company now has a Linkedin Page

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