Crossed the Bar

Members who recently crossed the bar:

Captain Kenneth (Ken) Morley Curnow, Auckland Branch, 8 July 2020

Captain Sandy Gibson – Auckland Branch, 12 June 2020. Sandy had previously served as Warden of the Wellington Branch and Master of the Company.

Captain James (Jim) Varney – Auckland Branch, Life member, 29 February 2020

Captain Peter Attwood РJanuary 2020 (long-time member of the Wellington Branch, resigned due to poor health 2018) Obituary 

Captain Ray Bedwell – September 2019 (long-time member of the Auckland Branch, resigned due to poor health July 2019)

Captain Robin Keer-Keer – September 2019 ((long-time member of the Christchurch Branch of the Company, resigned due to poor health June 2019)

Captain K.G. Marshall – Christchurch Branch, 2019

Captain Maxwell Deane РAuckland Branch, Life member, 22 February 2019

Captain Neil Andrew Wheeler – Auckland Branch, 14 January 2019

Crossed the Bar Archive (obituaries prior to 1 Jan 2019)

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