Recent Departures

Members who recently crossed the bar:

Captain Fred Kelner – Auckland Branch, Life member, on 13 October 2018

Captain C. M. Anderson – on 11th August 2018 (formerly a member of the Christchurch Branch);

Captain B. R. Meads – Christchurch Branch on 15th April 2018;

Captain G.T.H. Nicol – Wellington Branch on 31st March 2018;

Captain J. Glyde – Wellington Branch on 15th March 2018;

Captain J. Twomey – Christchurch Branch on 15th September 2017;

Captain D.R. Morgan – Auckland Branch on 6th August 2017;

Captain P.J.R. Wavish – Auckland Branch on 24th July 2017;

Captain G.D. Hill – Christchurch Branch on 16th July 2017;

Captain J.A. Barbour – Tauranga Branch on 22nd June 2017;

Captain Q.W.V. Gray – Auckland Branch on 12th February 2017;

Captain I.B. Owen – Wellington Branch on 1st February 2017;


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