Qualifications and Operational Limits Review

Maritime New Zealand is undertaking a fundamental review of qualifications and operational limits.
Today’s commercial maritime sector needs a skilled workforce with relevant qualifications aligned with appropriate operational limits to function effectively.
The current qualifications and operational limits framework has been revised in an ad hoc way and is outdated, confusing and difficult to administer. It needs to change.
The QOL Review aims to develop a clearer and more logical framework for qualifications and operational limits to meet the needs of New Zealand’s commercial maritime sector now and in the future.
The QOL Review supports Maritime New Zealand’s Vision for safe, secure and clean seas and the wider objectives of the New Zealand Transport Strategy, contributing to an integrated, safe, responsive and sustainable transport system.
• To better support New Zealand’s commercial maritime sector, which is a key contributor to our economy.
• To provide relevant qualifications and appropriate operational limits to meet sector needs while ensuring the safety of vessels and their crew, passengers and cargo.
• To remove barriers to attracting and retaining skilled and experienced people in the face of a worldwide skills shortage in the commercial maritime sector.
• To make the qualifications and operational framework easier to understand and administer.
• A clean slate review of qualifications and operational limits for New Zealand commercial maritime operations.
• The review is the first step in a long-term programme to rationalise and update maritime qualifications and better align them with operational limits.
• The QOL Review will deliver a new qualifications and operational limits framework, along with recommendations for implementation, including proposed changes to maritime rules.
• Rules likely to be impacted by the review include: Maritime Rule Part 32 (ships’ personnel – qualifications) any associated changes to Rule Part 20 (operating limits), Rule Parts 31 A, B and C (crewing and watchkeeping), Rule Part 34 (medical standards) and Rule Part 35 (training and examinations).
The review covers:
• qualifications, operational limits, examinations, quality assurance and crewing levels
• all on the water commercial maritime operations
• interfaces with non commercial operations.
The review does not cover:
• resolution of labour supply problems
• resolution of industry recruitment problems
• development of rules, processes, systems and organisation structures (these will be covered in subsequent implementation of the new framework).
• Maritime New Zealand is leading the QOL Review with widespread input from the maritime community.
• Project Manager for the review is Bridget Carter who has extensive experience in managing significant change projects in the United Kingdom, Australia and New Zealand. Bridget has an active interest in all things nautical and has completed a circumnavigation under sail.
• MNZ wants to give everyone in the maritime sector the opportunity to have their say on how to improve the current QOL framework.
• There will be extensive engagement and consultation with the maritime community.
• The new framework will be designed over the next 2 years with widespread input from the maritime community.
July to November 2009 Interviews with maritime community.
January 2010 Summary of key themes released for comment.
July 2010 High level, proposed framework released for consultation.
November 2010 Refined framework released for consultation.
February 2011 New qualifications and operational limits framework delivered.
• The new QOL framework is due to be released in February 2011.
• Transition to any new qualifications will not take effect until new rules and regulations are in place.
• Writing the rules is likely to take an additional 2 years so changes to qualifications and operational limits are not likely to be introduced before 2013.
• Existing qualifications will be transferred to the new qualifications framework with appropriate recognition of holders’ skills and experience.
The QOL Review will contribute to the following outcomes:
• Clearer and more logical framework for qualifications and operational limits.
• Relevant qualifications aligned with appropriate operational limits.
• Accessible and flexible pathways allowing greater flexibility to move within the maritime sector in response to changing needs.
• Reduced administrative costs for commercial operators and MNZ.
• A qualifications and operational limits system that can be readily updated to meet the changing requirements of the maritime sector and MNZ.
• At least the same level of safety and protection of the marine environment.
• Qualifications that are trusted and respected both domestically and internationally.
You can email queries or comments about the QOL Review to: qolreview@maritimenz.govt.nz

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