Maritime New Zealand have detained a ship at Port Taranaki and charged its master after the ship was damaged in rough seas last weekend.

Singaporean cargo ship Lake Triview suffered damage to its hull last Saturday night when it dragged anchor off the coast of New Plymouth in stormy conditions.

Port Taranaki was closed to shipping at the weekend because of the weather, and ships were sent to sea.

Maritime New Zealand spokesman Steve Rendle said the ship’s master was charged under the Maritime Transport Act.

“It requires that Maritime New Zealand be notified of any damage as soon as practicable.”

“The ship has been damaged, then headed back out to sea, re-anchored and then berthed as normal on Tuesday.”

The ship’s master will appear in the New Plymouth District Court next Wednesday, Rendle said.

A spokesman for the ship’s agent, Phoenix Shipping Agencies Ltd, said they had no comment on the damage or charge being laid.

The Taranaki Daily News understands the ship ran into a rock reef and the damage included at least 12 holes, one of which was big enough for a diver to fit through.

No oil spill was detected and none of the ship’s soya meal cargo was lost, Rendle said. “I have had no reports of injury.”

Rendle said the 177 metre-long Lake Triview had been detained until repairs were made. It is understood this could take up to three months.

An employee of the ship’s Canadian management company, Fairmont Shipping Ltd, said a representative for protection and indemnity was in Taranaki dealing with the affairs.

“It was an unfortunate incident, due to the weather,” he said from Vancouver yesterday. “There was no pollution to the ocean and there is no further concern of environmental damage.”

Port Taranaki chief executive Roy Weaver said it was a busy time for the port and having a ship laid up was “not ideal.”

“It is being held safely on site,” Weaver said.

“It is still in port laid up awaiting the various parties to do what they need to.”

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