On Deck June 1952

Captain A. Mclntosh, Marine Superintendent of the Shaw Savill and Albion Company, died in the Wellington Hospital last January.
Captain Mclntosh, who was one of the keenest supporters of the Company, served his time with the Ben Line, and joining the Shaw Savill Company as an officer, commanded the “Mamari” in 1924, the “Kia Ora” (1924-27), the “Mahia” (1928), the “Karamea” (1928-1931), the “Tainui” (1931-1934) and the “Mataroa”  (1934-1937).
He came ashore in August, 1937, as Marine Superintendent at Wellington, taking over from the late Captain W. H. Hartman. On 1st January, 1950, he was made Marine Superintendent for the Dominion.
In World War I, Captain Mclntosh served as navigating lieutenant of the armed merchant cruiser “Andes” (better known to most New Zealanders as the immigrant ship “Atlantis) in the Atlantic and later served in various destroyers with distinction.
As a Merchant Navy man his services were recognised by Lloyds following cool and able seamanship during an epic battle with fire in the “Kia Ora” in 1926. Fire broke out in the bunkers four days out from Wellington.
Strong following winds and sea decided Captain Mclntosh that it would be fatal to turn back. After a few days the fire developed to an alarming extent and by then the ship was out of radio touch. They fought the fire across the Pacific with the ship listing heavily and No. 1 hold flooded. In an effort to save the ship, cargo was jettisoned. No other vessel was within range to give assistance. The “Kia Ora” finally reached Montevideo, battered but still seaworthy.

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