2013 Annual General Meeting

The Annual General Meeting was held in Wellington on 14 August 2013.


L – R : Captain Cor van Kesteren (General Secretary), Captain John Frankland(Auckland Secretary), Captain Tim Wood (Tauranga Warden), Captain Ted Ewbank (Auckland Warden), Captain Ken Watt (Master), Captain Ron Palmer (Wellington Warden), Captain Nic Campbell (Hon On Deck Editor).

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2 Responses to 2013 Annual General Meeting

  1. sara andrews says:

    My name is Sara Andrews. I am Andrew Amos’s daughter. I am trying to get hold of contact details (email) for Tim Wood who I believe is my Father’s cousin. Tim visited my parents in Harbour Court, Bosham, Chichester, UK a few years ago apparently, but I only have a postal address for Tim.
    If you are able to forward this to “your” Tim, hopefully he is the right guy (my father says he was/is the captain of a ferry that joins the two halves of NZ), and hopefully he will make contact. My e mail address is: saraandrews0@gmail.com
    (the 0 is the digit zero, not letter o)
    I would attach photos of my parents so he knows this is genuine, but I can’t see how to – maybe its not possible.
    Thank you if you can help. Sara Andrews

  2. Sara,

    Will endeavour to contact Tim Wood, and if successful he hopefully will email you.

    Cornelis van Kesteren

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