2012 AGM Minutes


The new Master of the Company, Captain K.D.Watt, introduced himself and welcomed members. On behalf of the Company he thanked Captain Payne for his service as Master,  Captain Johnson  for standing in as Master for the past 10 months, and Captain Compson for his service as General Secretary.


Captain  K D Watt, Master  Captains T.J. Wood,  Tauranga Warden                 E.E.Ewbank, Auckland Warden   R.A.J.Palmer,   Wellington Warden  A. Cooke,         Christchurch Warden.                N. Johnson, J.E.Frankland, M.B.Deane, M.J.Lock, J. Holbrook, N. Wheeler, W.J Hibberdine, R.L.McKenzie, R.G.J. Davis, R.J. Hawkins, A.D.Payne, J.D.McGill, B.M. Commons (Tauranga), P.Davies (Hon.Solicitor) W.G. Compson – General Secretary/Treasurer

1. APOLOGIES Were received from Captains Barradale, Munro,Gates, Sims, Neill, de Jong, Handley, Briand, Clarke, Robbins, Buckens, Chesney, Kelner and van Kesteren.

2. MINUTES   The Minutes of the 2011 Annual General Meeting were taken as  read and PROPOSED by the General Secretary as a true and correct record of proceedings at that meeting.             MOVED Captain Palmer SECONDED Captain Frankland             CARRIED.

Nil matters arising.

3. CORRESPONDENCE  Lists of all inward and outward correspondence conducted between 1 April 2011 and 31 March 2012 were made available. Further lists dating from 1April 2012 until this meeting were also shown.

MATTERS ARISING The General Secretary made a point that a great deal of correspondence is by email and can be difficult to record in a satisfactory way.  A suggestion was that messages of importance should be listed and printed where necessary for inclusion with correspondence.

4  WARDEN’S REPORTS         Wardens reports were read by the Branch Wardens of Auckland, Christchurch, Tauranga and Wellington.

Matters arising. The Master congratulated the Christchurch branch on their efforts in  maintaining branch activities in difficult circumstances following the         earthquakes.  A brief discussion concerning the protocol for flying the Red Ensign      at ceremonies for Merchant Navy Day.

5. MASTER’S REPORT   Captain Johnson delivered his annual report, paying tribute to Captain Nic Campbell for work as editor of “On Deck”.   Mention was made of the poor image of shipmasters displayed by the masters of “Rena” and “Costa Concordia”, criminalisation of seafarers  and the malicious treatment of “Rena” officers’ wives by the  Department of Immigration.

Matters Arising    A member took issue with the Master’s words “ a simple mistake”    resulting in the grounding of “Rena”.

6.    TREASURER’S REPORT        The Treasurer’s report was tabled.  Explanation was given regarding the difficulty in budgeting for “On Deck” printing, the only firm quote ever received having  been made in April this year.  After discussion, the Executive Council has set the capitation levy at $25 for 2013.

That the Treasurer’s Report be accepted was PROPOSED by Captain Payne and SECONDED by Captain Palmer.   CARRIED

Matters Arising Nil

7     OFFICERS FOR   THE FORTHCOMING YEAR         Members of the Executive Council:-  Captain K.D.Watt, Master.  Captains E.E. Ewbank, T.J. Wood, R.A.J. Palmer and A. Cooke as  wardens of Auckland, Tauranga, Wellington and Christchurch branches respectively.  Captain C. van Kesteren, General Secretary/Treasurer.(After matters pertaining to this AGM  have been completed).

8 BRANCH REMITS    Auckland                 Copies of this remit concerning proposed changes to Rule 4 have been widely distributed.  The Executive Council, with branch   Wardens empowered to vote on behalf of their members, discussed each section at length after which, the following decisions were made:-   The proposed change to Rule 4.1.1 was withdrawn. Rule 4.2 and 4.2.1 (Associate of the branch and Associate Member) to be recommended to the AGM.  Rule 4.3. The words “Associate members”  and “Friend” expunged from the first line and the third line respectively. The resulting wording to be recommended to the AGM.

Following brief explanation Captain Johnson PROPOSED that the remit be accepted SECONDED Captain Wood.     CARRIED

Note:- The General Secretary will shortly produce the updated version of Rule 4 for inclusion in Rule Books.

Christchurch   “That the executive of the New Zealand Company of Master Mariners  draw up a list of members who are prepared to be called upon by MNZ to assist with policy, qualifications, maritime affairs and emergencies. The list should include details of the qualifications, expertise and the experience of the member, or, where necessary simply list the various areas  of expertise that are available within the            membership”.

It was decided that each branch draw up a list of volunteer members to send to the Master for forwarding to MNZ.  The secretary to write to branches.               PROPOSER Captain A.Cooke, SECONDED Captain Ewbank                                                                                               CARRIED

Tauranga                “That the New Zealand Company of Master Mariners make             representation to the Minister of Transport that the “Maritime Labour Convention 2006” be incorporated into New Zealand Law”.

Following explanation the remit was PROPOSED Captain Wood,    SECONDED Captain Davis.                                 CARRIED

OTHER GENERAL BUSINESS There being no further business the Master closed the AGM at 1435 hours.


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